This is a showcase for some of my works I did during 2016 - 2017 academic year. It has a focus on visual graphics although type design and editorial design was showcased in the book via a few cases. I think this past academic year helped me found and briefly developed my design process and it also showed me numerous possibilities for what a graphic designer could be. I got most interested in the bold and/or minimalistic graphic styles, and was excited to see what a huge difference type design can make. 

I am very proud to see what I can achieve by solely black and white line illustrations. This semester I would focus on getting better at making bold and interesting visuals, getting into interaction design and motion design world, further more practises on my design process, and get a clearer vision for what could be the next big wave for design industry. 

Without further due, I present my sophomore graphic design portfolio book. Enjoy~ :)
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